1. Change of Broker Dealer of Record

2. First Asset "New" Account Form (Patriot Act Version)

3. First Asset "Supplement" to HTS Account Form

4. Mutual Fund Investment Disclosure Statement

5. Index Annuity Questionnaire and Disclosure

6. Outside Activities Information and Acknowledgement Form

7. Reg. Rep. Checklist for Variable Annuity Sale

8. "Switch Form" Investment Change Acknowledgement and Authorization for Mutual Funds

9. VA Time Horizon and Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

10. VA Questionnaire and Disclosure Form (VA1)

11. VA Replacement Questionnaire and Disclosure Form (VA3)

12. Low Priced Stock Disclosure to FAF Form (Penny Stock)

13. Daily Activity Report (Blotter)

14. Correspondence Sent or Received Report

15. Variable Life Disclosure Form (VUL 1)

16. Multiple Fund Allocation Record

17. IRA Rollover Disclosure Form

18. Supplemental Risk Disclosure Statement

1. First Asset "Supplement" to HTS Account Form

2. Hilltop Securities CASH Account Form - JTWROS

3. HTS New Account Application

4. HTS HSA Agreement and Disclosure

5. HTS HSA Distribution Request

6. HTS HSA Account Application

7. HTS HSA Vision IRA Application

8. HTS Transfer on Death Application/Addendum (TOD)

9. HTS ACAT Form (Account Transfer)

10. HTS Fed Wire Request Form

11. HTS ACH Form

12. HTS Vision Account Application

13. HTS Traditional IRA Application

14. HTS IRA Change of Beneficiary Form

15. HTS IRA Distribution Form

16. HTS Roth IRA Application

17. HTS Account Access Request Form for Customer

18. HTS Corporate Resolution

19. HTS Trustee Certification of Investment Powers

20. HTS Irrevocable Stock or Bond Power

21. HTS Customer Information Brochure

22. HTS IRA On Demand Distribution Request

23. Margin Disclosure

1. AIG-Sun America Appointment Form

2. Allianz-Life USA and Value Mark Appointment Form

3. American Skandia Appointment Form

4. Annuity Investors Appointment Form

5. AUL-American United Life (one Group) Appointment Form

6. Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Co. Appointment Form

7. Hartford Director Plus Appointment Form

8. Hartford Insurance -Leaders Appointment Form

9. ING Golden American Appointment Form

10. ING Reliastar Appointment Form

11. ING Security Life and Southland Life Appointment Form

12. Jackson National VA Appointment Form

13. Lincoln Benefit VA Appointment Form

14. Lincoln National - American Legacy Appointment Form

15. Nationwide (Best of America) VA Appointment Form

16. Pacific Life VA and VL Appointment Form

17. Phoenix Life Insurance Appointment Form

18. Security Benefit VA Appointment Form

19. Sun Life Financial VA Appointment Form

20. Western Reserve Life VA Appointment Form

1. Michigan

2. Salina, Roach St.

3. Phillipsburg

4. St. Joe

5. Columbus

6. Salina, Home Office